The Forgotten Memorial

I read an article recently in the Central Recorder, CCSU’s student run newspaper. The article was titled “The Forgotten Memorial” , and it was about the Iwo Jima Memorial located right here in New Britain. The memorial was erected in 1995 and honors those who fought in WW2, as well as in this historic battle. This memorial is unique because it also pays tribute to 100 men from Connecticut that fought and died in the battle of Iwo Jima.

This article caught my attention because a few years ago in my Intro to Public History class, we visited this memorial and also had the honor to speak with some of the veterans that were in the middle of the battle 68 years ago. We had visited the memorial as a part of the Unit we were working on about the importance of memorials. I think the biggest impact this experience had on me, was that you never really understand the significance of something until you are able to hear the stories of the people who were directly involved. Hearing their stories and seeing how passionate they were about the memorial really drove the point home that this memorial meant a lot to them, and it served as a reminder for our community of the sacrifice these men mad for our country. As interest in the memorial dwindles as well as monetary support its almost as we are forgetting about our own history, and just brushing aside the veterans that fought so hard for our freedom. To me the memorial is of great importance because I personally saw how much it meant to the veterans. Their stories brought tears to the eyes of my classmates as well as myself, I would hate to see the memorial completely forgotten about, or not funded anymore, its almost as if we are brushing the veterans to the side, and that the freedom that they fought so hard for doesn’t matter. 

A fun side note is that one of the veterans told me that the rocks upon the memorial are actually rocks from Iwo Jima that the soldiers brought back with them!









Pinterest Jackpot!

I have found my new favorite website, a weird fascination of mine is that I love abandoned/derelict buildings from houses to hospitals and schools I just cannot get enough. My favorite thing is being able to find out/ learn about the history of the place, who lived there? What happened?  Being able to do research and put everything together to create a history of the place, to me would be so much fun. Many of these buildings were left as is too, who knows the type of things that were left behind?! I would be the person who would love to go through it all. Now granted I have never visited such a place, but if I ever got the chance I would do it in a heartbeat. 

Now the website I found is and it is a forum for people with interests similar to mine when it comes to derelict places. They visit the property, take photographs, find out the history and then post it all to this forum/ blog. In the blog they mentioned that this was necessary, because with society growing, and these old buildings falling, they will sooner or later need to be torn down to build newer houses, and this is a way of documenting them.Unfortunately, all of these places are located in the UK. I think it’s great to see these places from the UK because of their rich history, it just means I will most likely never be able to visit. 

I actually found this website off Pinterest! I was looking through peoples “History Boards” and found this picture of a beautiful abandoned Manor, I ended up clicking on it and it brought me to this site! That to me is the main point of Pinterest, when you search something it gives you a visual aid to guide you in the right direction for what you are looking for instead of using links and words. It helps me sometimes because I don’t always know what I am looking for, so being able to see pictures relevant to my search helps to steer me in the right direction. Hopefully once you find what you are looking for, clicking the picture directs you to a website with more information. 

I am really excited that I found this website, I can’t wait too look more into it to see what I find! ImageImage

Scavenger Hunt

When I set out to complete this scavenger hunt, I was excited, because I knew exactly what I wanted to use as the answer to the first question. I have been reading the book ” Images of America, Central Connecticut State University” by George R. Muirhead which is a book that illustrates the history of CCSU by using pictures. Within its chapters lies a passage about a rally in 1960  held by students who were being persuaded not to take teaching jobs with low salaries. The outcome of this rally lead to higher salaries for teachers. 

Unfortunately when I turned on the computer to find the answers to the final two questions, I ended up finding a blog written by a student at George Mason University, who was asked to complete the same scavenger hunt that had the same questions. I found this blog by simply typing key words into Google, and it was one of the first selections available to me. 

It was disappointing finding their blog, just because now I feel that I cannot complete the rest of the scavenger hunt with out someone questioning me how I found my answers, did I go out on my own or did I just copy the steps that the student from George Mason took? 

I impressed myself by finding an answer to question 1 in a book, if I hadn’t been reading, I would have used Google for that too. Recent events in my life have left me with out a computer, so I have resulted to books and articles more then the internet, I print out articles for class so I can always have them with me and highlight important parts and also so I don’t get distracted by fun things online, as well as writing out all of my papers by hand before I type them up.  I miss the speed and accessibility of the internet, but I have come to enjoy taking the time to read and comprehend the things I find in books.   

I have noticed that I am retaining more information from books, then I ever had from the internet, and my patience in completing projects have increased, because I know I have to take the time to look up information, and write it all out. There has also been an improvement in the quality of work I’ve been producing, and I take pride in that. I noticed that Nicholas Carr felt the same way, while reading his article “Is Google making us Stupid”  that he noticed a decline in his attention span, as well as his own quality of research, and he isn’t the only one noticing the change. 

In conclusion, I was expecting a challenge when trying to find the answers to these questions, but it was easier then ever. The internet is a great resource, but I personally feel that it is important to have a balance between research done online, and research you can find in books. 

Professors, Start Your Blogs

I was never really the student that enjoyed using blogs as a part of a class room tool, because I always forget to go online to post or check something out. But after reading Dan Cohen’s article, I think blogs could be very benificial to students these days, if they are written/designed the right way. Blogs can be very beneficial for projects or research because it allows you to gain knowledge from various credible sources. Although which blogs are credible and which ones aren’t may need to be left up to the judgement of the reader. In this digital age, I feel blogs may become the go to resource for students when they are doing research for a project, and citing a blog looks alot better then citing wikipedia. If there are students out there like me, that don’t really enjoy using blogs, I guess I would say its because I really don’t understand how they work or how to use them, and again because I always forget to go online to check them out. But with the constant usage of a blog for this class, I think I will come to appreciate everthing a blog has to offer towards my education, and learn to like using it.